Sadhika Malladi

Mathematician & Programmer


Who I am, in a nutshell.

I'm currently a student at MIT splitting her time between research and school. I started out working in bioinformatics and moved to developing statistical algorithms to process big sparse datasets. Now, I'm working in machine learning and have a particular interest in the theory behind it. Specifically, I'm looking to research in optimization theory, linear algebra, and statistical learning theory.


Always ready to pick up a new one.


Proficient in Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, and other machine learning frameworks within Python. Experienced in building large and complex models with custom features.



Proficient in R and MATLAB, including the image analysis and machine learning toolkits. Knowledgeable about building packages in R from the ground up.


Theoretical Computer Science

Strong knowledge of algorithm design and analysis as well as fundamental concepts such as complexity theory and information theory. Basic understanding of cryptography and game theory.



Knowledgeable about statistics, especially as it pertains to machine learning algorithms. Experienced in studying and optimizing from a theory standpoint.


And presentations.

NIPS 2017

FastNorm: Improving Numerical Stability of Neural Network Training with Efficient Normalization. 1st author. Women in Machine Learning Workshop.


Nature Scientific Reports

Systematic Analysis of Sex-Linked Molecular Alterations and Therapies. Co-1st author.


ICML 2018

Prediction Propagation for Domain Adaptation. 4th author. Workshop on Equivariance, Invariance, and Beyond.



EMDomics: a robust and powerful method for the identification of genes differentially e xpressed between heterogeneous classes. 4th author.


A work in progress.
Summer 2018


Algorithms Researcher

San Francisco, CA

I'm working on several different projects, from generative modeling to reinforcement learning. My intent is to design algorithms that are more efficient not only due to engineering efforts but also due to mathematical properties.

Spring 2018

MIT Media Lab
Scalable Computing

Undergraduate Researcher

Cambridge, MA

Implemented and refined a novel domain adaptation algorithm for NLP that uses center-masked convolutions and phased training to improve transfer.

Summer 2017, January 2018

Cerebras Systems

Machine Learning Researcher

Los Altos, CA

Derived a purely mathematical acceleration of weight normalization that is more numerically stable and requires fewer computations. The runtime reduced from quadratic to linear.

Spring 2016

MIT Math Department

Undergraduate Researcher

Cambridge, MA

Defined a notion of irreducibility in monoidal categories and investigate categories satisfying this criterion. Explored geometric interpretations of congruences in categories.

May 2015 – October 2015

Harvard Medical School

Research Intern

Cambridge, MA

Developed a new statistical algorithm to detect differences in genetic expression between classes of patients. New method involves comparing the distribution of expressions instead of just the mean values (as was state of the art).

May 2014 – February 2015

Harvard Medical School

Research Intern

Cambridge, MA

Built a framework to analyze differences between male and female cancer patients based on genetic markers and predict which treatments may be more effective in one gender over the other.

May 2012 – January 2016

Stanford School of Medicine

Research Intern

Stanford, CA

Used machine learning to predict which breast cancer patients would respond to chemotherapy based on non-invasive scans. Novel application of image analysis techniques in conjunction with model architecture.


Always learning.
2016 – 2019

Massachusetts Inst. of Technology


Cambridge, MA

Pursuing a major in Mathematics with Computer Science and a minor in Philosophy.


Just for fun :)

MIT Undergrad Research Journal

As research editor, I oversee the peer review process and maintain the standards of the journal.


MIT RingComm

I worked with 11 other students in my class to design our class ring, and I built our website.


MIT Women in Math

I'm on the board of the Undergraduate Society for Women in Math (USWIM) and we host events for female mathematicians within and outside of our community.



I train regularly in mixed martial arts (MMA), and I love to ride my bike around.